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A lapidary is an artist or artisan who forms stone, minerals, or gemstones into decorative items. The primary techniques employed are cutting, grinding, and polishing. Carving while used occasionaly is a different and specialized techinique.

Hardstone carving is the term used in art history for objects produced by the specialised carving techniques, and the techniques themselves. While Diamond cutters are generally not referred to as lapidaries, due to the specialized techniques which are required to work diamond. In modern contexts "gemcutter" typically refers to people who specialize in cutting diamonds, but in older historical contexts it refers to artists producing engraved gems such as jade carvings and the like. By extension the term "lapidary" has sometimes been applied to collectors of and dealer in gems, or to anyone who is knowledgeable in precious stones.

We are at a point where we are deciding to grow or shut it down. We might be taking a more commerical approach and working with a trade show / promotional products company on popular trade show giveaways. This is far from certain but we are looking forward to making a decision later this year.